Car Wash & Waxing Business Manuals

Contents of the  Car Wash and Wax Production Manual:

1. Introduction to chemical production for every car cleaning formulation.
2. Health and Safety Measures: Making sure that you handle car wash and wax chemicals correctly.
3. Labeling requirements: How to label the product to conform to regulations if you want to sell your products to supermarkets and shops.
4. Quality control: Making sure that your product is of the best quality.
5. Sample tests: Controlling the strength of the product when making economy products for people who do not want to spend less, and luxury super strength products for the more affluent.
6. Tables of values: How much is perfect.
7. List of suppliers of raw materials to make the products.
8. Correct storage to ensure strength and freshness of car wash products.
9. Working with percentages.
10. Preservatives and how to use them.
11. How to control PH levels.
12. The use of perfumes and dyes in the car wash and wax industry.
13. How to thicken the car wash products products.

Contents of the Marketing Manual:
1. Branding your products so that only you sell products under a name that you choose.
2. Mark-ups and costing.  What to sell your product for.  How to determine the right price.
3. Market research:  what do people need most; which car wash detergents are people actually buying and why.
4. Packaging that entice people to purchase your car wash products.
5. How to source finance for your car wash and wax business.
6. Structuring your business.
7. Registering your business.
8. Legal requirements for opening and running a car wash and wax business.
9. Free Advertising and other economical ways to advertise.
10. Market penetration: How, where, what?
11. Economy versus quality:  Cheap versus expensive.
12. Displaying your car wash products correctly.
13. Choosing a suitable name for all your products and the business.
14. Information needed to  set up your business plan.
15. How to keep your customers loyal.
16. The right location if you are opening a shop.
17. Tendering information.
18. The tax man, VAT, U.I.F. etc.

Contents of the Car Wash and Wax Manual:

Names of the formulas - car wash and wax recipes - that you will receive.

1. Car Wash & Wax.
2. Aluminium Cleaner & Brightener.
3. Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner with grit.
4. Brick and Stone Cleaner for car wash and wax  bay.
5. Car shampoo.
6. De-greaser for car wash bays, factories, garages.
7. De-Ruster.
8. Electric Motor Cleaner.
9. Engine Cleaner.
10. Garage Floor Cleaner.
11. General Purpose cleaner.
12. Leather Polish for car interiors.
13. Mechanics Soap Paste Hand Cleaner.
14. Mechanics Waterless Hand Cleaner.
15. Powder Car Carpet Cleaner.
16. Pressure Cleaner for Garages/Factories.
17. Radiator Anti-freeze & Anti-rust.
18. Silicone Dash, Wheel and tire cleaner.
19. Stainless Steel Cleaner.
20. Interior Vinyl & Rubber Protection Fluid.
21. Waterless Hand Cleaner for Mechanics.
22. Metal polish for silver.
23. Dispenser liquid hand soap.
24. Car Window Cleaner.
25. Supplier list.

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