Car Wash and Accessory Detergent Cleaners

Manufacturing car wash detergents, car waxes and polishes can be a lucrative and affordable business to start. Every car owner needs his vehicle to be clean and well looked after as vehicles can cost as much, sometimes even more, than a house these days.

Car wash detergents are popular products, used on a daily basis throughout South Africa. Supply car wash facilities with strong good quality products. As a bonus, make your own and never purchase expensive car cleaning products again!

Manufacturing Car Wash ProductsIf you would like to start your own profitable business you must be able to work under pressure and go that extra mile, especially when you start the business. You need to have a passion for success. You need to know what you want and believe in yourself, and most of all you must make sure that your family understands what you want to achieve so that they will give you the space and encouragement that you need, when you need it.  After all, the car wash and wax business must provide a better future for the whole household.

We provide the car wash and wax formulas which you need to start your own business in the manufacturing of car wash and wax products. These car wash and wax recipes or formulations are easy to follow and easy to mix without you needing a big space to work in. 

In actual fact, you can start your car wash and wax business from your garage and only move the business to bigger premises once the need arise. Just think of the money that you will be saving by starting a car wash and wax manufacturing business from home.

The other good news is that when you start the car wash and wax business from home, you will be able to calculate and deduct the cost of the space that you use at home from the income tax that you have to pay each year.

You will even be able to deduct other costs such as the purchases that you make to run the business. You will be able to deduct the salary that you pay any people that you employ to help you, and the cost of the car wash and wax raw materials that you use to manufacture car wash and wax products.

Other expenses that can be deducted when you work from home is the cost of the fuel and services that the vehicle that you use for business purposes use. In fact there are many other deductions that you will be able to make each year and it would be good to employ the services of a bookkeeper to make sure that you receive all the benefits from running your own business from home.

As a bonus added benefit we have included in the car wash and wax formulas other formulas that are equally important and which will provide you with another stream of income. These formulas include hand cleaners used by mechanics, degreasers and brick and stone cleaners and etcetera.

You will receive a manual that will provide you with the details of the suppliers of the raw materials that you will need to manufacture the car wash products. The benefit to the consumer is that they can purchase quality products directly from you, the manufacturer, which means that they will save money. The manual will even provide you with step by step instructions on how to manufacture each of the products that you find in the manual.

You can attend our 2 Day Course where you will be taught how to make car wash and wax products at a cost of R5,400.00.

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