Creative Entrepreneurs

We are all born with a creative nature. It gives us much satisfaction if we create something that we can be proud of. Here are a few suggestions:


The supply of overalls never meets the demand. You can sell it to the local cooperation or hardware shop. For this line you will need an industrial machine or two, scissors and large cutting tables. Look in local newspapers for an industry that have closed and want to sell their machines. In this way you will get it at a better price and you can just have them serviced. If you are doing proper research, you might even come across a seamstress who are used to work with heavy duty materials and needs a job. This lady can help you with the cutting and the sewing of the overalls.

Making and selling fish cakes

When you consider this as a means of creating an extra income, your normal kitchen should be sufficient. You might have to do a proper spring cleaning of the kitchen as the local municipality have some health regulations that you must fulfil before you can start selling food stuff. The amount that you will have to spend before you can start earning an income is the minimum. Baking is the joy of life for many women.

Making mince wraps

When you take in consideration the amount of filling that you add to a mince wrap, the profit is much more than you could ever think. The cleanliness of the kitchen is important. You must experiment with different recipes until you find one that your whole family likes. This will be the filling that your customers will also be crazy about. This can serve as a small meal or a snack when the children come home from school. This is an easy way to add extra money to the budget. Advertise in the local newspaper or school magazine at a reasonable price.

Looking after the elderly

This can be a career where you advertise your services. No special courses are needed but will be a good recommendation. Always get a letter of your people where you have rendered this service to show the next client. You will need some clothing that looks like a uniform to appear as a professional person. You will determine the hours that you are willing to work. It might even be a stay in job, where food and accommodation are provided. This will be the perfect job for a single lady. The elderly people are normally very thankful for every small bit of help that you provide to them.

Educational blogs

With a computer and access to the internet the regular writing of educational blogs is an easy possibility. The longer you write up these articles on your special knowledge the more popular your blog will become. People can not wait to read your next blog. This can be on how you brought up your children; how you handled their illnesses: helped them with their school work and so on. The nice thing about this is that you decide what you want to write about today.

Here it is just a case of thinking a bit outside the box to create a steadfast business for yourself.