How To Start a Detergent Manufacturing Business

We have a limited number of soap and detergent manufacturers in South Africa, which makes manufacturing of soaps and detergents the ideal business to start from home. Manufacturing soaps and detergents will not cost you a lot of money if you have the right recipe (formulae) and equipment to manufacture the products.

Detergent Manufacturing Course in Randfontein.
Course Dates: 29 May OR 13 June 2020.
Course Price: R5100.
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Dishwashing LiquidYou can mix many of the detergent and soap formulas by hand, but should you need a machine, the cost is really very little. When you attend you will see how simple the machine is to make. If you spend a lot of money on a fancy machine, how much money will you have left to purchase the raw materials that you need to manufacture your products?

Should you be unable to attend the Detergent Course, we are able to provide you with a Detergent Home Study Course Package that contains all the facts and information as if you were attending the Detergent Workshop Course. The Cost of the Detergent Manufacturing Home Study Course Package is R3,000.00.

You do not earn money from the machine, the machine is only a helper; you earn money from the products that you sell. In any case, no one ever sees the machine that you use for mixing purposes.

Detergents and soap mixers are available in 20 liters (R2,000.00) for people wanting to start small and 210 liters (R9,000.00) for bigger businesses. Please Take Note: That the Mixing Machines do not include the drums for the Mixers. Gram scales needed to weigh raw materials can be bought for as little as R2,000.00. This proves that you do not need expensive equipment to start this business from scratch.

At TRIMO TRAINING ANDLarge Detergent Mixer CONSULTING, we provide you with the practical training on how to manufacture different types of soaps and detergents through a 1 Day soap and detergent manufacturing workshop. Our workshops are held on the West Rand of Johannesburg in RANDFONTEIN.

Far from our training center? No problem! Find accommodation very near to the training center in Randfontein.

Do you travel by public transport?
Travel from Johannesburg station by train to RANDFONTEIN. We will pick you up at the RANDFONTEIN train station and take you to the guesthouse where you have booked your accommodation.

If you attend the detergent and soap course you will be able to take samples of the products that you make home with you when you finish the course. Before you leave the training centre, you will go through a Marketing session, which will equip you with the marketing skills required to get your soap and detergent manufacturing business on the go. Everything mentioned during the Marketing Session is conveniently listed in the manuals that you will receive.

With Trimo Training you will learn how to manufacture soaps and detergents with confidence. There are many products mentioned on this website and you might wonder why we use the general term “soaps and detergents” when we discuss the different products. It is much easier to think of all the products listed in this website as cleaners, as most of the products have some sort of soap or detergent in some form included in the formula.

Air freshener for example is a cleaner as it cleans the air so that you are left with a fresh smell. Floor polish keeps the floor clean and dishwashing liquid keeps the dishes clean and etcetera. To understand the products better, a short description is given with every product listed.

Is it difficult to make detergents and soaps? If you can follow instructions, or bake a cake, you can make soaps and detergents. The manuals provide you with the exact weight of everything that goes into the container as well as the order in which it must be added. You do not have to guess or struggle to work out the formula. We have done that for you.

We provide step by step directions for every formula as well as a list of the raw materials needed to manufacture the detergent or soap.

Included is information on suppliers so that you can purchase the raw materials needed to manufacture the products.

If you need advice or help once you start manufacturing, you can call us or e-mail us with your problem. We love to answer questions!

Click Here for the Formulas and Manuals.

Because of Client Demands we have created a Course especially for those interested in doing a Combined Course in Detergents & Washing Powder.
Click Here to View the Course Particulars and Formulations you will receive with the Combined Detergents & Washing Powder Course OR Home Study Package.