Displaying your Product: Your Showroom

A Showroom increases your sales, especially if it is situated in the right place. A lot of people should walk past it every day. Walking customers pay more attention to what is going on around them than driving customers. They pass the business too quickly.

Because customers see your establishment every time they walk past it, every detail of what they see will be edged into their minds. The next time anyone needs a product your establishment will come to their mind and they will remember what they saw.

Try to make your business as interesting as possible. Change your display frequently so that people do not see the same thing every day for months on end.

Use "Specials" to attract customers. Advertise the fact that you sell on the lay-by system.

If you sell directly to the public, you do not have to use a marketer that needs to be paid as well. This means that you make all the profit.