Flower Arranging Courses In South Africa

How would you like to enjoy what you are doing while working from home? How would you like to make good money while working flexi time? Wouldn’t it be great if at the same time you could decorate your own home with flowers every time that
Lillies and Rosesyou have a family party, wedding or any other function and not have to pay an outside company you’ve hard earned cash to do what you can do much cheaper?

What a thrill to be able to make beautiful stylish flower arrangements and being able to say that you made it yourself!

Starting a career in floristry is one of the few businesses that can be started from home. The cost of setting up a florist is very low and the equipment used is inexpensive and readily available. I know of a lady that loves gardening; in actual fact, she does floristry in her garage using existing flowers from her own garden; a hobby that pays handsomely.

Flower Arranging Course in Randfontein.
Course Date: 1 - 2 November OR 13 - 14 December 2018.
Course Price: R5300.

When you set up a floristry business
at home, you have to create a separate space that belongs to the business; the benefit is thatWedding Hand Bouquet the monetary value of this space can be deducted from your yearly income tax. You can use existing tables that you have in your home to work on. Very little inexpensive tools are used in Floristry.

Yellow LilliesYou will have to redesign this space so that your entire flower arranging bits and pieces is stored conveniently and within reach, in one place.

Anyone who loves flowers can learn how to start their own Florist Business and what’s more, flowers are in demand at every function, every wedding, every funeral, every birthday, Valentine’s day, Mothers day and so the list goes on and on. The added benefit is that floral craft is a great stress reliever, and wakens the mind and soul to the beauty that surrounds us every day. It is always best to attend a Floristry Course if one is serious about starting a Flower business. It saves money in the long run, as mistakes made due to not having enough business knowledge can ruin your budget.

Casket Funeral FlowersMore people are dying than ever before and it is imperative that any training course should include the making of funeral wreaths, funeral flowers, church flowers and sympathy flowers. Next to arranging flowers for funerals, wedding flowers and all the different flowers that are essential in wedding ceremonies should be included in any flower course. You should also be able to take photographs of your creations while you are putting the arrangements together.  This will enable you to keep a record of all your beautiful flower designs.

Ideally the flower course that you attend should include a broad spectrum of flower arranging techniques, especially if you live far away from the training center.

You should be able to have enough knowledge and skill to start your business when you return home. After all, as with everything in life, practice makes perfect. 

The course will take 2 FULL days to complete and includes marketing ideas and tips on how toPink Roses  successfully start a Florist business. 

Naturally, you will be supplied with a Flower Arranging Manual that you can use as a reference when you return home. We provide email support for free once you have done the flower course with us.


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