Funeral Parlour Training Course Information

You will receive 3 funeral training manuals with your 3 Day Funeral Parlour Training Course and support for 3 months.

                               Only 3 Trainees per Course

Funeral Parlour Training Includes:

Information on setting up and running a funeral Parlour business on a daily basis.

1. Introduction and history of burials and cremations.

2. Rules and regulations starting a funeral parlour business.

3. Registration as an Undertaker.

4. Inside the Funeral Parlour.

5. Mortuary requirements and registration.

6. Rules and regulations regarding premises.

7. Certificate of Competence.

8. Burial versus Cremation.

9. Legal formalities with burial or cremations.

10. Tombstone and Cemetery regulations.

11. Burial of pauper or Indigent persons.

12. Documentation needed for burial.

13. Duties of the funeral undertaker.

14. Legal requirements.

15. Exhumation of a body.

16. Autopsies on the deceased.

17. Embalming.

18. Negotiating the supply and price of Coffins, Caskets and Tombstones.

19. Coffins, Caskets, Dome caskets, Decorations & Lining.

20. Planning the Funeral Memorial Service.

21. What happens at the Funeral Wake?

22. Average Funeral Cost.

23. Pre-paid Funeral Plans and Funeral Insurance.

24. Cremation Urns and Funeral Caskets.

25. Last wishes, cheap and low cost funerals.

26. Decision about the Funeral Hymns and Funeral Songs.

27. The Funeral Notice.

28. Funeral Letters, church flower arrangements, funeral flowers.. etc.

29. Hiring of buses, tents, gazebo, cutlery, &amp other related funeral products.

30. Pricing and costing of funerals and cremations.

31. Burial plot purchase.

32. Booking process for the funeral.

33. What is a Death notice?

34. Daily running of a funeral parlour.

35. Obtaining the death certificate.

36. Removal order.

37. Identification of the body.

38. Researching your business market.

39. Types of burials and cremations.

40. Preparing the body for burial.

41. Transportation of bodies, coffins, caskets and dome caskets.

42. Securing continuous business.

43. Marketing your Funeral Parlour business.

44. Training counselors in the Funeral Industry.

45. Recruitment of Morticians and Embalmers.

46. Funerals and Credit.

47. Advertising your Funeral Parlour Business effectively.

48. Ground Rules and Funeral Parlour Etiquette.

49. Start Your Own Funeral Policy/Scheme.

50. Lay buys of coffins and caskets.

51. Funeral Societies.

52. The making of a Funeral Parlour brochure.

53. Your business plan.

54. How to Tender for Pauper Burials.

55. Types of business suitable for your Funeral Undertaker.

56. Names of suppliers of Mortuary equipment.

57. Understanding emotions in times of death.

58. You will be taught how to talk to the family when the body is removed to assist them whilst mourning the deceased.

59. Sourcing finance for your business. The law and your business.

60. Chemicals used in the Funeral industry.

On the Friday Morning (Day 2 of Training), you will receive practical training at an existing Funeral Parlour.

The content of the Funeral Training Course information will give you a full overview of what to do and expect when you register to start and run your own funeral business. The cost of the 3 Day Funeral Parlour Training Course is R6,000 (Six Thousand Rand).

We are able to provide you with a Funeral Parlour Home Study Course that contains all the facts and information as if you were attending the Funeral Parlour Training Course. The Cost of the Funeral Parlour Home Study is R4,000 (Four Thousand Rand).

*Please note that you need to reside in South Africa to purchase the Home Study Course.

Click Here to Apply for the 3 Day Funeral Parlour Training Course OR Purchase the Funeral Parlour Home Study Course Package.