Funeral Parlour Training Course Information

You will receive 3 funeral training manuals with your Funeral Parlour Training Course.

Funeral Parlour Training Course Includes:

Information on setting up and running a funeral Parlour business on a daily basis.

1. Rules and regulations to set up and start a funeral business.

2. Registering a legal Funeral Parlour.

3. Registering with relevant associations.

4. Preparations for burials.

5. Preparations for cremations.

6. How to complete forms for cremations.

7. How to complete forms for burials.

8. List of what you will need to purchase to start and run a funeral parlour.

9. Copies of real documents that will assist you to know how to complete all the forms.

10. How to become a financial service provider so that you can offer funeral policies to clients.

11. Rules pertaining to coffins, cemeteries, graves and tombstones.

12. Dimensions for all of the above.

13. Help with bodies that has to be taken across the border and the permits needed.

14. Information on refrigeration and where to purchase it.

15. Diagram of a mortuary cabinet, should you want to make one yourself.

16. Suppliers of handles for coffins and caskets.

17. Suppliers of refrigeration products.

18. How to arrange the burial and how to charge for different types of burials.

19. Information on different software to run your funeral parlour business expertly.

20. Marketing your funeral parlour business to gain clients.

21. Templates to help with the arranging of the funeral.

22. Templates to help you track the arranging of the funeral.

23. Certificate of competence.

24. How to become a financial service provider.

25. Burial of Indigent Persons/Paupers.

26. Import and export of bodies between countries.

The content of the course information will give you a full overview of what to do and expect when you register to start and run your own funeral business. The cost of the Funeral Parlour Training Course is R6,300 (Six Thousand Three Hundred Rand).

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