Funeral Parlour Training Course Information

You will receive 2 funeral training manuals with your 1 Day Funeral Parlour Training Course and support for 3 months.

Funeral Parlour Training for Beginners Includes:

Information on setting up and running a funeral Parlour business on a daily basis.

1. Introduction to the Funeral Industry.

2. Registering as an Undertaker.

3. Inside the Funeral Parlour.

4. Hygiene.

5. Certificate of competence.

6. Provisional Certificate of Competence.

7. Refrigeration, Equipment & Accessories.

8. Suppliers.

9. Marketing your business.

The content of the Funeral Training Course information will give you a full overview of what to do and expect when you register to start and run your own funeral business. The cost of the 1 Day Funeral Parlour Training Course is R5,000 (Five Thousand Rand).

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