Laundry Bar Soaps Manufacturing

Laundry bar soaps will always be in demand especially in the rural areas where laundry is still washed by hand on a daily basis.

Join us for a comprehensive and detailed course on Laundry bar soap manufacturing. Start your own business making Laundry bar soaps from home. You will love the fact that technology has made it so very easy to manufacture soap bars. If you can read, you can make bar soaps.

In this course is included:

1. Manufacturing Green Bar Soap,
2. Manufacturing Blue Bar Soap,
3. Manufacturing Body Soap,
4. Manufacturing Moisturising Barrier Cream: for softening of hands when washing clothing with soap bars. This barrier cream keeps hands moisturised and soft.

If you are looking into the opportunity of starting your own detergent Laundry bar soap you are at the right place. Making Laundry bar soaps will require for you to mix and combine various chemicals and raw materials in the correct ratios and proportions in order to end up with a quality end result. Most of the detergents on the market can be hand mixed, but if you require a mixing machine, we have an affordable solution for you that will be presented to you on your course.

Laundry Bar Soaps Course in Randfontein.
Course Dates: 25 - 26 January OR 25 - 26 February 2019.
Course Price: R5600.

When attending our course at Trimo Training and Consulting you will find that making the Laundry bar soaps that people love is not a terribly difficult task. With the right training, an understanding of how soap ingredients work and of course a manual of the most popular sought after formulas, you will be able to start up and manage a profitable Laundry bar soap business to be proud of.

You will learn to make detergent Laundry bar soap in an environment where you have a knowledgeable tutor to assist if problems arise. Our course content will conveniently include a list of suppliers where you can gather soap ingredients for your product range.

body soap
Expect to receive the following:

• Study manual containing the instructions on how to make bar soap detergents as well as information on the tools and raw materials required is included in the manual. This manual will also cover labelling, quality control, production of chemicals, safe chemical handling, storage advice, guidance on using dyes and perfumes and preservatives, instructions on maintaining PH levels, thickening of products, how to work with various percentages and so much more.

• Marketing manual containing instructions on how to get your business noticed. This manual covers all the basics of starting up a new business such as drawing up a business plan, obtaining finance, how UIF and tax works, how to treat your customers and how to obtain tender information and apply. With this you will also learn about various advertising and marketing avenues and how to take advantage of them.

Our tutors are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of laundry detergent bar soap manufacturing and with their guidance you will acquire all the skills required to not only make cleaning detergents, but sell them effectively too. Registrations for courses are open and we encourage you to consider this training and to become a business owner in your own right.

Cost of the 2 Day training course and use of the 4 formulations is R5600.

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