Misfits who manage to do their job better than others

Why business needs people with Asperger’s syndrome, attention-deficit disorder and dyslexia.

For too many years Aspergers Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Dyslexia have been seen in a negative light. It is no surprise when someone suffering from these disorders confides that they are struggling to find a job or even to be taken seriously in today’s society. The fact of the matter is, and unfortunately too many people overlook it, that people with these disorders is generally the best type of employee that a company can ask for.

While society may hurl abuse and judgment at those who suffer, what they don’t realize is the business world is filled with misfits…and misfits who manage to do their job better than any other, despite their syndromes and disorders. For instance, why would you hire a young college graduate to do computer programming for your high profile IT firm when you could take on an Aspergers sufferer who just happens to have an obsession that will make them excel in such a field? People with Aspergers usually have an obsessive interest in numbers; patterns, outcomes and will very rarely take the time to consider the judgment of others towards these particular obsessions. Therefore, the smart computer programming company CEO would greatly benefit from having someone of this kind on their team.

A close look at the world’s most successful business men, women and entrepreneurs will have you quickly informed that a vast majority are actual sufferers of dyslexia. You might be wondering “but how can this be?” when it’s quite simple. Those who struggle with reading and writing when growing up have an uncanny way of delegating and micromanaging, so while their eye might not be on writing out important documentation, they are getting the job done, the sale closed and essentially running the core of the business. Invest in someone with dyslexia and maybe you too could be rewarded with earnings similar to that of Richard Branson and Steve Jobs to name only a few.

Other great entrepreneurs have turned out to have ADD. Now while this particular type of person is probably not great to employ for an office job, they absolutely excel in the sales department. Educate them on a product and let their bouncy and distracted personality do the rest. Some of the world’s greatest sales teams have been formed by those who struggle to focus on one thing for too long.

If your business isn’t excelling as it should and productivity is down, then perhaps it is time to reconsider your staff compliment and realise where those with aspergers, dyslexia and attention deficit disorder can fit in and make things happen. The time to realise the error in society’s judgments is now! Take the time to consider if you need people who are focused to the point of obsession – then aspergers sufferers could work for you. If you need go getters who delegate well and get things done, then dyslexics could provide for a great turn around in your business. Last but not least, get those sales done and win over the attention of your potential clients by allowing someone with ADD to show you their strong points. Reconsider the world of business and its decisions today.