New Entrepreneurial Ideas

In the present economic climate worldwide, many people have lost their fulltime jobs, but that is not the end of the world. Now you have the freedom to choose a new career in the field of the economy that you are interested in. Here are a few new suggestions:

Biltong Den

You will need to do some research to find the best quality meat and spices at the best price. It will also be a good plan to buy a proper commercial fan for drying the biltong. When the money start streaming in, and it will, you can consider building a special cold room to hang the biltong to dry. To sell the biltong you can decide to distribute it to local shops where you have made the necessary arrangements to sell on assignment or at a lower price than the shop owner will be able to sell it. Selling from your own spaza is also a possibility.

Barber shop

Your largest outlay of money for this profession will be a good hair cutter, mirrors and an excellent barber chair. There should also be a few chairs for the customers that are waiting for a haircut. You will need a small space in a backstreet to rent. When more money is available you can move to more visible premises.

Baking from home

When you are a good baker/chef you can bake different cakes at home and sell them at the local home industry. But that is not where it stops. You will get renown for your tasty cakes. You can then start baking exclusively for birthdays and special occasions and ask a much higher price than at the home industry. Every town or suburb needs a cup cake and muffin baker. There is good money in this line of baking. With the present availability of the different kinds of muffin mixes this is an easy way of earning a good monthly income.

Designing of diaries

While traveling overseas one comes across many different ideas for diaries. This is easy to adopt and do in South Africa as well. You can order these diaries online, change them slightly by customising them with your own decorations and then sell them. If you are in the least bit creative, you can combine the different ideas and design your own series of diaries to print for the next year. This can be done at home with a proper income being paid for your creativity.

Designing of recipe books

Everyone is forever collecting new recipes that they want to test out. You can design the index of a recipe book and provide clean pages where recipes can be added to. There can also be a few pages in each section to write recipes on. When you add beautiful illustrations to the book people will be crazy about this proper book that they can be proud of. It will also be the best gift to give to a friend. Moms can use them to leave for their children as a heritage with all the favourite family recipes in. This should not be a once off. There should be quite a few designs that people can choose from.

Everyone has a creative side and when you are forced to use it through financial circumstances, bright ideas can be developed.