There is a Time and Place for Everything

Times are tough at the moment but that will also pass and soon everyone that has the will to prosper will indeed prosper. We all know that South Africa is a great country to live in and our time is Now! There are problems in all the countries around the world, including South Africa.

South Africa prospers, that is why, even when there are many jobs available on the market, many people prefer to have their own businesses instead of standing on the road and selling other people’s imported products.

When you are selling other people's products you are making them rich instead of yourself. When you sell other peoples products you never learn how to manufacture the product yourself so you are always dependent on the supplier. What if your supplier does not want to do business with you anymore, or worse, the supplier dies? Do not fall in that trap. Also make sure that you are the only keeper of the formulation. If you lose any of your information you will lose your business or have to pay for the information again.

If you pass the formulas around or sell them you are just creating competition for your business. Your business secrets are your livelihood! Your business success, your formulas.

Pay for it once and live your dream.

If you sell other people's products you do not have the assurance that it is quality products because you did not manufacture it. The people who manufacture the products will not provide you with the formulations because they want to keep the secret for themselves. They brand the products with their name, not yours. This means you are a no body! You have no business. They walk off with the money and the brand, not you.

It is always better to pay the money to learn how to physically manufacture the product so that you can manufacture your own products and sell those products keeping all the profits for yourself. You must always make sure that you receive the formulation and a certificate of completion. When it comes to marketing your product we can teach you how to make your own website so that you can sell your own goods on the internet. Everybody knows that everyone searches the internet to find information.

Having your own business is a statement of prosperity and wealth. There is a trend of working for a boss and at the same time having your own small business running on the side.

Why would people think of having their own business whilst working for a boss? There are only one answer. The answer is because we can do anything that we want, provided we do not infringe on any other business intellectual property and play by the book.

Everything is possible if we have the will to prosper.